Boots trend: Combat boots or amphibians?

Shoes, as we have already seen in the previous blog post, are the most loved accessories by men and women; an accessory than can never be missing in men’s and women’s wardrobe, perfect to complete any outfit.

In addition to sneakers, one of the trends about shoes is represented by boots, both for men and women.

The major trend of last season was represented by cowboy-style boots with squared heels and fringes or studs, while now it’s time for combat boots and lace-up amphibians.

Boots like sneakers are versatile shoes that can be used with more formal clothes and with casual ones. Combat boots in black leather and amphibia recall the military style. They are the most appreciated boots by influencers, because can be worn with a pair of jeans for an informal outfit but even with dresses for a refined but comfortable look. Boots are also a men’s fashion trend of this season, in fact them can add a touch of glamour to the male suits or to the sporty outfit.

On Carola Zeta there’s a wide selection of men’s and women’s boots, below we will show you some of our favorites.


Prada Ankle Combat Boots

Guess Lace-up Amphibians

Givenchy High Combat Boots



Off-White for Timberland Ankle Boots

Alexander McQueen Lace-up Combat Boots

Prada Ankle Combat Boots

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