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Etro is a fashion house that has defined Italian style around the world since 1968. From research into textiles and attention to detail, Etro creates luxury clothing and accessories for men and women, where passion for travel and sartorial tradition are the key concepts of every collection.
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The iconic Paisley pattern, prints and jacquard weaves featured on outerwear, dresses, bags and shoes. The Maison's unique style is also expressed through a line of unisex fragrances featuring aromatic, floral, spicy and woody notes, and by a home accessories collection in which tradition blends with contemporary aesthetics. 

Spring/Summer 2021

In July 2020 Etro’s SS21 menswear show went down in fashion history as the very first physical show held in front of an actual audience after the pandemic-enforced lockdown. Staged in open air in the garden of Milan’s Four Seasons Hotel, it was joyfully welcomed by the 80 mask-clad, safe-distanced guests convened at breakfast time over cappuccinos.
“We’re live and alive!” Veronica and Kean Etro said afterwards.
The collection was entirely produced in Italy, where artisans and entrepreneurs were eager to restart and resume operations after months of working remotely. It was a creative and productive joint effort. “The sense of community was touching,” said Veronica.
As an extended family, the Etros have always embraced inclusive values and individuality. The idea of traveling to far away destinations, which is at the core of their aesthetic, is intended more as a respectful exploration of different cultures than as wanderlust or pure escapism. Their ethos seems to resonate with what’s happening today in the world.
Etro’s repertoire—the inventive jumble of archival patterns, the rich color palette, the bohemian attitude— and its commitment to sustainability have been elevated by the pandemic. “No one wants complicated clothes right now”, said Veronica. It’s about lightness, ease and the emerging consciousness for one’s surroundings that has been facilitated by the pandemic-induced lockdown, which has let nature breathe again. 
This concern for nature and the appreciation for what can become if we let nature be for a while, like we did during lockdown, is omnipresent in Etro’s AW20/21 ad campaign as well. 

AD Campaign Fall Winter 2020/21

Portrayed on an essential background, nine human beings – founder Gimmo Etro together with Mariacarla Boscono, Fernando Cabral, Maty Fall Diba, Eva Herzigova, David Kammenos, Felice Nova Noordhoff, Parker Van Noord and the young Olivia – and twenty eight animal friends – including Mario the swan, Anita the snail, Anna and Adamo the ducklings, Camilla the lamb, Rino the toad and Gianni the peacock – convey the desire for a new era of mutual respect.
“WE ARE ALL ONE”, expression of this universal connection, has always belonged to ETRO’s culture and values. This profound message inspired previous special stories, and has been the centerpiece of the Fall Winter 1997/98 Advertising Campaign, named Animen, in which a lovely conversation between animals of different species became a reflection on the world’s spirituality. The ETRO Fall Winter 2020/21 Advertising Campaign is a hymn to harmony and love for nature. Starting from the principle that we are not alone but, together with nature and animals, cohabitants on the same Planet, ETRO portrays an act of union and sharing in which animals and human beings are co-protagonists.

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