Gucci Cruise: Feminism on the catwalk

The Gucci Cruise 2020 is one of the trendiest collections of the moment.

The parade took place in the wonderful Capitoline Museum in Rome and was one of the most awaited events for the entire fashion system. A show attended by famous people from the international jet set such as the English actress and model Sienna Miller and the Italian actor Alessandro Borghi.

Alessandro Michele, artistic director of the brand since 2015, has created a collection dedicated to freedom in all its forms; freedom to be and express yourself through clothes. But above all focused on the freedom to which we all aspire, or the freedom to be who we want without being judged by the beholder.

The clothes proposed are a hymn to women and femininity, especially to the femininity of the Seventies, a period in which, as the designer himself states women have been freed from the impositions of the past”.

The female body in this collection becomes an empty page on which you can write a different message every day. In his collection Alessandro Michele talks also about the beauty, between classicism and modernism, bolder clothes with oriental reminiscences, enriched by prints that become political and cultural slogans, ideal for creating a hypnotic and iconic collection.

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