Animal print obsession, fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2019

Leopard prints have been dominating fashion world from past many years. Calling them timeless would not be wrong.

True, leopard print has often walked the line between flashy and luxurious, but it's been proven time and again that fashion girls can't resist it. And despite its ubiquity, leopard prints popularity began with one designer and his muse—more specifically, Christian Dior and Mitzah Bricard. Bricard was fascinated by leopard print, and as a result, during the '50s, Dior created a range of his accessories featuring the design, elevating leopard to be the must-have print of the moment.

No matter how much you love a leopard print, you must keep its use within a limit, incorporating too much animal prints would make you look like a fashion victim. So, what’s important is to wear one item at a time. If you are wearing a leopard coat, you don’t need to pair it with a leopard scarf, shoes or a handbag. Similarly, if you want to wear a leopard handbag or shoes, the clothing should be something different.

The exotic leopard prints can be skillfully jazzed up with a flare of a show-stopping color. Pairing leopard-print with some vibrant hues promises a fabulous fashion and sleek style. Wearing a leopard print is not that simple.

There is a very thin line between a classy and a cheesy look.

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