Milan Fashion Week: when sustainability is fashion.

Milan Fashion Week ended on February 24th.

The most awaited event for Italian fashion, although this year penalized by the spread of coronavirus. In fact, many designers have decided to walk behind closed doors, as in the case of Giorgio Armani and Lavinia Biagiotti, while others such as Dolce & Gabbana, Plein and Etro have decided to carry on their work without creating further alarmism.

Even though fashion has been almost eclipsed by other problems, we can say that the women's collection for next autumn / winter will be dedicated to sustainability. The intent of the designers was in fact to pay more attention to the production aspect, to the supply chain, using recycled fabrics or made with natural products; the 2019 winner of the Franca Sozzani award, the emerging designer Flavia La Rocca, presented a collection based on clothes made of green fabrics, such as hemp and linen. Modular clothes that can be modified according to the needs of the wearer, also reducing the environmental impact.

The Moschino and Philippe Plein fashion shows, however, were real representations. Music and lights that mixed with clothes. Moschino presented a collection that evokes the beauty and frivolity of the Versailles court. The models paraded like modern Marie Antoinette, combining printed sweatshirts with structured denim skirts, reminiscent of the bulky baskets of the eighteenth century, and very sensual leather cuissardes. An irreverent and rock collection that fully reflects the brand's ideology. Plein instead brought a collection on the catwalk that recalls the concept of futurism, both for the structure of the catwalk and for the chrome details of the clothes. A performance, which according to many, recalled the Daft Punk concerts.

Etro instead proposed a dynamic woman. Dresses and accessories characterized by the brand's unmistakable prints, accentuated by the bright colors and the patent effect of the bags.The king of Italian fashion, Giorgio Armani, as we anticipated, he has decide to parade behind closed doors to safeguard the health of his models and his audience, a gesture certainly appreciated given the emergency in northern Italy. However, the king of elegance brought an extremely feminine collection on the catwalks, focused on fabrics such as velvet, synthetic fur and leather. Linear and extremely elegant dresses that accentuate the femininity of the body without ever falling into bad taste.



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