OFF-WHITE Industrial Belt. Fashion label founded by DJ and fashion designer Virgil Abloh

Virgil Ablohthe designer of OFF White, understands the power of a visual statement.
The Off White garments are built around distinctive hazard and white stripes with an ironic combination of Helvetica and quote marks.
Recently, the designer has added another eye-catching motif to his repertoire — an extra-long, bright yellow belt with a heavy-duty construction clip.
Ever since Off-White was founded, the label’s horizontal line Industrial Belt has served as a staple item for both streetwear and fashion fans making the off white stripes a must have.

Revisiting the statement accessory, Virgil Abloh reworked the belt by stripping down the design for the new piece. The Off-White New Industrial Belt features a nylon webbing design closed with a rugged topstitching and dressed with a contrast specification pattern, woven throughout. Finishing off the new accessory is a logo appliqué and engraved hinged-cinch to go along with the black hardware that’s attached to the belt.
This Off-White belt is a must-have this season! Discover the Off-White collection 

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