Sneakers: Top 10 for Spring Summer 2020

Shoes are one of the most appreciated accessories by men and women, whether they are high, low, open or closed, it doesn’t matter.

This year one of the biggest trends in shoes is represented by sneakers. In the coming months we will se several collaborations between designers and the major brands in the sector such as Adidas and Nike, but also many collections of designer sneakers such as those advertised by Versace on their social networks.

We could choose between minimal lines and basic colors or between chunky models characterized by thick soles, platform and bright colors. Sneakers are versatile shoes that we cannot give up, they adapt to any type of male and female outfit, from the simple jeans to elegant suits or combined with skirts or dresses. Shoes that combine a trendy style with comfort.

On Carola Zeta you can find a wide selection of sneakers both for women and men. Here in the following we leave our favorite models for the Spring Summer 2020:

Valentino Garavani Logo Sneakers

Hide&Jack Silverstone Sneakers

Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers

Dsquared2 Chunky Sneakers

OffWhite Odsy 1000 Sneakers

Fendi FF Low Top Sneakers

Valentino Low Top Sneakers

D&G Rose Running Sneakers

Stella McCartney Chunky Rainbow Sneakers

Gucci Multicolor Sneakers

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