Spring- Summer 2020: 50 shades of Blue!

Spring 2020 is just around the corner, and this means that the time has come to leave aside the winter’s darker colors and heavy fabrics, and be enchanted by pastel colors and impalpable fabrics.

Last December, like every year, the Pantone company launched the color that will influence the world of fashion, furniture and cosmetics. Spring-summer 2020 will be the whole sign of Classic Blue and all its shades.

Designers such as Armani and Alberta Ferretti brought on the catwalks of the fashion week, collections focused on electric blue, which replaced black and easily adapt to any style, from the most elegant to the more casual. During spring-summer 2020, electric blue will also be combined with soft shades such as light blue and turquoise creating refined ton-on-ton looks, or a complementary shades such as the violet shades, lilac and wisteria.

The world of accessories will also be affected by this trend, such as the turquoise patent leather crossbody bags proposed by Etro, or the maxi denim bag launched by Chloè.

Here some proposals chosen for you:

Max Mara T-shirt

Elisabetta Franchi Pleated Skirt

Fay Gancini Jacket

Elisabetta Franchi Short Dress

Orciani Shopper

Hogan Bucket Bag

Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag

Tod's Gommino Shoes

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