Spring Summer and Winter Pants For Women Who Want To Look Fab 2019

The trousers of the 2019 winter fashion come with new colors, which pay homage to the 70s, and new materials, such as vinyl, a punk style classic that is back in style (although the current version combines it with the mou instead of the black, for a more bon ton effect).

Among the must-haves of the season, there are also wide pants, metal leather, and other fabrics. Without forgetting the timeless velvet trousers, also proposed in the Fall-Winter 2018/2019 fashion.

But let's not forget the spring-summer 2019 trousers that scratch the looks from what they are rock and daring. Work trousers, wide and swollen with pockets, carry everything, along with cargo trousers, alternating with high-waisted pants wrap thanks to maxi belts inspired by Japanese.

From long skirts pierced by deep slits, you can switch to ripped jeans with just as much personality. You will only go crazy at the sight of all those beads, studs and feathers applied with casualness only in appearance. Last but not least, the biker shorts.

Cyclist shorts in stretch Lycra will be at the center of your obsession!


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