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STONE ISLAND Stone island badge pulloverSTONE ISLAND Stone island badge pullover


Stone island badge pullover








This year’s, our designer knitwear and sweaters collection keep the classics on the side while branching out into bold slogans, big statement patterns, and bright, fervent color.

Be bold with designer sweaters

A sweater is so much more than just something to keep a person warm. It’s something that tells people how the wearer wants to be seen and who they are, and this year’s designs are no different. From plain black men’s designer sweaters adorned with a simple Étude in bold white print to hoodies from which the face of a tiger burst out, the new collection of men’s sweaters we have on sale are bolder than ever before.

Keep to the classics or burst into color with this year’s knitwear

A cozy knit is to winter what shorts are to summer: essential. And it doesn’t get better than a classic designer brand sweater like an Argyle pullover, with its warm wool fibers and diagonal check pattern. The same goes for a Denzel Knit with a sailor collar, combining deep warmth with a classic look. But knitwear is not just about subtle patterns anymore. In this year’s collection of new fashion designer knitwear, there is plenty of bold patterning and brightness as well, from Calvin Klein’s Intarsia, with its interference-inspired black and white pattern, to OAMC’s Roses pullover, on which roses pop out from a light grey background. 

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