Brunello Cucinelli

front open sweater with waist belt multicolor

€2,524 €5,500
A special workmanship gives life to the new cardigan entirely handmade in cashmere, mohair and silk. The craftsman uses the crochet hook following the classic knitting technique, an innovative technique that allows the weaving of fine yarns of different sizes and characteristics. Each part of the garment is made with a different yarn, so as to give the geometric design effects and unique proportions. It takes about 16 hours of manual work to make a single item. Finally, the craftsman takes another two hours to complete the cardigan with a thread embroidery featuring brilliant sequins with a precious three-dimensional effect. 80% Cashmere, 10% Viscose, 6% Mohair, 3% Silk, 1% Polyamide.


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